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I am doing research on my family and the line I am interested in is the Clark Family from the Texas area.  I show in my records that my gg grandfather, Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Clark may have been married to an R.A. Geddie; they were married possibly on Oct. 23, 1879.  Can anyone in the family confirm this information? Many thanks.

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SHELLEY CLARK-GAINES, Carlsbad, California



It is good to see that researchers are getting through to the website with my research. Much of  what is there was based upon Jack Geddie's book - Geddie & McPhail Genealogy. It would be great if someone could reprint it one day - I could then give copies away to other members of the family who are envious of the fact that I have my father's copy on permanent loan. . . My father, James (Calder Swanson) Mackay, appears at the foot of page 206 together with his brothers/sister. . .

The problem of tracing James Daniel [Geddie] has obviously been a problem since 1959 when Jack Geddie published the book as that is as far back as he has got. If I get a chance to visit the Scottish Register Office/Edinburgh I will certainly have a look. I spent three weeks working in Edinburgh about six years back,and obtained useful information for the family history, but as my line of Geddies does not (apparently) tie in with the American Geddies I did not look for details of your side of the family...If I get a chance to visit the Scottish Register Office/Edinburgh I will certainly have a look. I spent three weeks working in Edinburgh about six years back,and obtained useful information for the family history, but as my line of Geddies does not (apparently) tie in with the American Geddies I did not look for details of your side of the family.

My home is in Woking, England - about 15 miles from Heathrow, near where I am based with the UK Immigration Service. The prospects of geting up to Scotland are, therefore, slim at present although my sister would like me to go to Thurso with her to research the Mackay side of the family.

If you do get any queries about the Speyside Geddies - particularly those from Kingston and Garmouth upon Spey, I might be able to help with some information. Particularly sparse background about the numerous ships (barques, sloops and schooners) the family built between 1804 and 1890.

JAMES MACKAY, Woking England,

. . . My family line is:
James Daniel Geddie m. Isabella McPhail, came from Scotland and begat
b. Scotland, d. NC
John "Big John" Geddie m. Anna  McKeithan and begat
b. ~1782, NC
Daniel Geddie m. Elizabeth McPhail and begat
b. Aug. 4, 1816 in NC
the Rev.Daniel Clark Geddie m. Leanna Melissa Maxwell and begat
b. Oct. 4, 1859 in NC
Rowland Hill Geddie m. Ruby Viola Jones and begat
b. Sept. 25, 1905 in NC
Daniel Clark Geddie m. June Ann Kirk and begat
b. Feb., 1938 in Charlotte, NC
Daniel Clark ("Clark") Geddie, that's me,  and I have yet to marry or beget
anyone :^)
b. June 1969, Nashville, TN

I'm the first generation in my line born outside of North Carolina . . . The Rowland Geddie in Mississippi is my father's older brother. The Rowland Geddie in MO is his son.

CLARK GEDDIE, Durham North Carolina,

I . . . have been working diligently on the family of Maxwell-McPhail for several years. . .  The branch of Maxwells I have been tracing migrated from Cumberland Co., to Grady Co., GA in the late 1700s-mid-1800s.  My ancester, Thomas Maxwell b. 1750 m. Mary McPhail b. 1760.  Their son, John, b. 1784, married "Mary" Margaret Geddie.  Their son, Daniel, b. 1785, married Catherine Geddie.  Their daughter, Jannette (Gennett?), b. 1782, married James Geddie.  After reading through your history, I believe I have finally made a connection to your side of the Geddie family.  I would really appreciate any additional information you might share regarding the Maxwells and McPhails and would be happy to share with you what information I have.  Following is my direct line:

Thomas Maxwell (b. 1750)
m. Mary McPhail (b. 1760)
         John Maxwell (b. 1784)
         m. "Mary" Margaret Geddie  (b.??)
                  Thomas Maxwell (b. 1812)
                  m. Eliza Bryant (b.??)
                    Jessie Newton Maxwell (b. 1839)
                    m. Nancy Delila Williams (b.??)
                     Thomas Robert Maxwell (b. 1867)
                      m. Jennie Bell Williams (b. 1871)
                      Jessie Newton Maxwell (b.1895)
                      m. Polly Cordelia Roberts (b. 1893)
                       William Arthur Maxwell (b. 1929)
                        m. GeorgAnne Leggett (b. 1933)
                        Kelly Renae Maxwell (b. 1961)
                        m.1)Danny Earl Henderson (b.1962)
                            Mary Beth Henderson (b.1983)
                        m.2)William David Porritt (b.1958)
                          Zachary Lee Porritt (b.1993)

KELLY MAXWELL PORRITT, Tallahassee Florida

...I plan to take my 4-wheel vehicle the next time I go down to the South Arkansas-Northern Louisiana Area and try to find Geddie, LA and the old Cain Cemetary where several of my ancestors are buried. If I find them, I will send you photos...

...We also go back to James Daniel Geddie and Isabella McPhail
Alexander Geddie
Alexander Geddie
John Joulian (Jay) Geddie
William Alexander Geddie
Ivan Dee Geddie (me)

We have two sons, Bill who lives in New York area and works in
television and Morgan who is a college professor at University of
Houston.  Have only four grandchildren and have been informed not
to expect any more.

I am retired from Kerr McGee Corporation after working as a
lawyer-engineer in Oklahoma City for almost 40 years.  We now
live in Sun City Texas located near Georgetown (Austin area).  
Come to see us if you are ever in this neck of the woods.


I am doing research on the family of James Geddy Jr, the Silversmith of Williamsburg , in the 18th century, His brother John Geddy, moved to Halifax North Carolina. He married Patience McKenna (also spelled McKinnie). He was an active Patriot, serving in the First Provincial Congress in Newbern NC , in 1774. I know of at least 2 daughters, Martha (Geddy) Marshall, and Sara Geddy. I do not know his death date, but believe it is 1799 or 1800. I would like to determine if he also became a silversmith like his brother James, also would like to know if anyone knows where he is buried. James Geddy Jr's home still stands in Colonial Williamsburg. It dates to 1762. He was married to Elizabeth Waddill Geddy. They had 5 children : Nancy, Mary, Elizabeth, James III, and William Waddill.(possibly named after wife's brother, William Waddill, who was an excellent engraver}. I came across this website and am thankful for it...

... We do not know when [the Geddy family in Williamsburg VA] arrived or exactly where from in Scotland. One theory is that James Geddy SR (the silversmith's Father) came to Brunswick County VA, and acquired land there, along with several others. That would have been in the 1730's we believe. Several of us are trying to put the "pieces" of their lives together. I read the Geddie MacPhail info, I think they are another line...

DWIGHT RUDD, Williamsburg Virginia


In Reply to:

"Thomas Gaddy, Revolutionary Soldier, NC "
Posted by Michael Motes May 29, 1999 on the GADDY FAMILY GENEALOGY FORUM

We are extremely interested in the background of Thomas Gaddy, as this name is a variant at times in New Hanover County, NC of Geddie. Our ancestor James Daniel Geddie also fought in Revolution from Wilmington area after arriving from Scotland in the colonies c.1772. This family later settled in Hoke/Cumberland County, NC then some departed for Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas and eventually East Texas. We have no records showing this line's early family members "going north" to Virginia, though there are Getty's in Williamsburg (but from early 18th century). According to Jack Geddie's book, THE FAMILIES GEDDIE-McPHAIL, James Daniel/Donald Geddie ''may have had two brothers." If you know of any genealogical information on Thomas, would appreciate hearing from you.

LAWRENCE GEDDIE, Rocky Ford Georgia,

.... Thomas Maxwell and Mary McPhail's children intermarry with McPhail, Geddie and Williams. They come to Cario and Bambridge[Bainbridge?] Ga. My father Norman was born in that area... Please point me in the right direction to find something that would show me that Robert was Mary McPhail's father. Mary McPhail married Thomas Maxwell. I am either 4 th or 5 th generation from them... Several of their children married into the Geddie and Williams's line. My other ancestor was Robert Williams who married Susan Daniels. They all come from Sampson and Cumberland Co NC. My 2 lines from Thomas & Mary went to south Ga.,Bambridge area. Yes some of my ansestors married cousins. Some of their children went to Texas. Arthur Maxwell (Bud) to Port Arthur, early 1900's. Cleve Maxwell to Beaumont(early 1900's)... Any way you can help me...


..My great grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth Geddie of Crossett, Arkansas. Her husband was Emmit Gullege.


.I am not completely certain of the Mississippi birth place for Sarah Johnston. Mr. John Dougald Geddie told me that at one time one or more of his elders lived across the border in Mississippi. That oral history is uncertain and may not even be an indication of a birthplace. More information is coming...


I know virtually nothing about my Catherine GADDIS, except that she was married to my GGG grandfather James CAMERON, and that she died before Jun 1865. I'll keep searching and see what happens. I know that another branch of the family, McNEILL, changed its name from NIEL over the period of one generation so anything is possible.

FIONA BAIN, New Zealand

I have just found this site and have been very interested in the information given regarding the Geddie name from numerous locations throughout the world. My father was Robert Geddie, born 1913 in Dallas, Scotland, died in Montrose Scotland in 1990. I was born in Montrose, Scotland in 1957 and currently reside in Edinburgh, Scotland. I know very little regarding my father's parents or grandparents due mainly to a birth out of wedlock, or so I was told. What I do know is that my fathers mother worked/owned a farm outside Craigellechie, Scotland and there are several distant relatives residing near or in Elgin, Scotland. I intend to start a search regarding my fathers family and will make use of the interesting information on this site. I look forward to sharing any info I come across and appreciate the information I have already picked up here.

IAIN GEDDIE, Edinburgh Scotland,

... ANN McKETHAN'S husband was John Geddie, son of James Daniel Geddie and Catherine McPhail. Ann's parents were James McKethan Jr. and Christian McPhail. James McKethan Jr was son of James McKethan Sr. James Sr was son of Donald McKethan (variant spellings) who immigrated in 1739, almost 50 years before Ann was born. James Sr's father can be proven by the 1750 Bladen Co will of Dugald McKeithan which names James as his brother (and James' sons James and John) and Donald as his father. You can see the original will of Dugald McKeithan on my page at Go into the genealogy link (skeletons) and then to the records page.

Cumberland Co had not been formed from Bladen at this time. If you examine the early deeds and who owned land adjoining other folks, it can be determined that Dugald McKeithan's land was in what later became Cumberland Co - right where James McKethan Sr later lived on the Cape Fear River near the Bluff. Dugald's widow Mary can be found in Cumberland Co in later records too.

...Catherine [McPhail] was the dau of Dougald McPhail Sr. The Geddie/McPhail book claims Dougald McPhail immigrated in 1772 as well... I have never yet seen a record that proves this 1772 date, but I have seen a record that makes it appear doubtful. From my notes under Dougald McPhail Sr:

Cumberland Co will of Dugald McPhail Sr wr 3/5/1793, no pr date:
Wife Mary, daus Sarah Baker, Cathrine, & Christian. Sons & extrs Daniel McPhail, Dugald McPhail.
Wit Thomas Murphy, James Blue.

1790 census:
Dugald McPhail Sr 2M 16 , 0M 16-, 2F, 1sl

1/20/1755 Hugh Brown, planter & Mary (x) Brown to James Thornton, dordwainer, all of Cumberland, for L35 proc., 280 a on NE side Cape Fear River, on Dougal McFall's lower corner on the river, lower part of 400a patent to Neill McNeill4 June 1740; sd Neill McNeill died intestate whereby sd land descended to his eldest son & heir, Hector McNeill, who sold to Hugh Brown 14 Aug 1749, who sold upper 120 a to sd Dougald McFall.
Wit John Graham, Archibald (x) McDonald.

According to the McPhail/Geddie book, Dougald McPhail didn't come to America until 1772. This 1755 record was before Dougald arrived in America... There might have been two Dugald McPhails. But the name is right and the location is right. If nothing else, it proves there were McPhails in the area long before 1772 [Larry note: This was the early 18th century Argyll Colony which included McPhail's?]. Most likely the later McPhails were at least part of the same family.

Further proof that James Daniel Geddie's wife's name was Catherine and not Isabella [as per FAMILIES GEDDIE-McPHAIL] comes from the Old Bluff baptism records. From my notes under Catherine McPhail:

Wife of James Daniel Geddie named as Isabella McPhail who had brothers Daniel McPhail and Dougald McPhail in Geddie and McPhail Genealogy by Jack Geddie 1959 pub by Henry L Geddie Co, Ft Worth, TX. Isabella is given as the mother of all of James Daniel Geddie's children. However, Isabella was not named in Dugald McPhail's 3/5/1793 will although will does name sons Dougald and Daniel as extrs. Dugald McPhail will did name daughters Sarah Baker, Christian and Cathrine.

Bluff bapt record:

Jany th7 1787 Mr James Geddy and his spouse Chatrin McFaile had a daughter Baptizd named Maragrat.

Bluff bapt record:

Jany 4th1795 James Gedie & his spouse Cathrine McPhail had a son Baptized named Dugald.

Bluff bapt record: Aprl 9 1797 James Gadie & Cathrin MacPhaile had a daughter Baptizd named Sarah.

Catherine McPhail was certainly the wife of James Geddie as early as 1787 and would have been the mother of all the Geddie children from at least that date forward. It is impossible to prove whether an Isabella ever existed or not, but her name appears to be an error.

Catherine's sister Christian McPhail was the wife of James McKethan Jr - and the mother of Ann McKethan who m John Geddie. So this was a cousin marriage.

Christian McPhail McKethan seems to have died before James McKethan according to this deed:

Cumb Co DB28:72-73 John Gadie and wife Ann Gadie to Archibald Cameron. 10/8/1814. ....James McKethen Junr. being seised and possed (sic) of the same died intestate, leaving the aforesaid Ann Gadie and one other daughter his only heirs at Law....

If Christian McPhail McKethan had been living, surely she would have been provided for as James' widow. This also proves that James and Catherine's son Dugald McKethan below must have died too.

Old Bluff bapt records:
Oct 29, 1786 Mr James McKethean and his spouse Chirstin McFaile had a son baptized named Dugald.

As to James Daniel Geddie having brothers who immigrated with him, the story of three brothers immigrating together can be found again and again in many families. If any brothers came with him, they didn't settle in the Cumberland Co area. I've also done a lot of digging in the Bladen/New
Hanover/Columbus/Brunswick areas and haven't found other Geddie's there that seemed like kin. Generally immigrant families stuck together if for no other reason than to help each other get settled. So if James Daniel had brothers, they probably died on the ship or shortly after landing.

... Many of the birth and death dates don't agree with the tombstones. I walked those cemeteries myself to make SURE about the dates on the stones. That doesn't mean the stones are correct though. Stones that are erected shortly after the person's death are usually correct as far as the death date goes. The birth date might be off though. Stones that were erected years later are very suspect.

Perhaps you can find more about the early records of your James Daniel Geddie by searching the court records, tax records, and deeds of Cumberland Co. [North Carolina]. We found proof in the colonial court records that Donald McKeithan came with the 1739 Scot settlers - he failed to pay Dugald McNeill for his passage and was taken to court. Perhaps you can find something similar - or at least nail down the earliest date that he appeared in the records... ...I have seen John Lester [] send out a lot of URLs for places to search for Scot history and passenger lists. I'll bet he's got a hard drive full of bookmarks...

COOKIE HARPER, Lexington North Carolina

...[I] did in fact live in Colorado Springs a long time ago while fighting the communists from Ft. Carson. But from East Texas to Dallas and The Dallas News there, then to Washington as Bureau Chief, then work for U.S. House and later Sen. Bentsen (Tx.) Found this little paper [THE EASTERNER] out near Dulles Airport, and here I have been...

... I was at the [Dallas Morning] News in Dallas from 1963 or so to 1971 and at the Washington Bureau until 1980... We lived in Arlington while in the Dallas area and a friend of mine was the sports PR guy there at the college [UT ARLINGTON] for a while...

...If [you, i.e. Larry, were brought up in] Victoria, Texas, that was where a photographer and I drove to from Corpus Christi without a windshield after being caught in Hurricane Celia in late 60's. We stopped at the paper there [VICTORIA ADVOCATE] to make calls because all the lines were out everywhere else... I have never met, nor did I know they existed until recent years, any Geddie's of NC.

JOHN GEDDIE, Ashburn Virginia

I just looked at your website and it is great! I hope to come back to it to research more. My parents have the Geddie-McPhail Genealogy book so we may be related. My dad says that most of the Geddie people are! We hail from South Carolina...nice to see the page!


Here are some ships passenger lists which should be of help to you:

EDINBURGH Passenger Lists

Ship Passenger Lists



Scottish Emigrant Lists

Our gratitude to

...Ivan is my father. They're in the process of leaving OKC for a retirement community in Georgetown, (just north of Austin) Texas. Weston is still a lovely, if overpriced, place to leave. I have two teenage daughters (Lauren-17 & Allison-15), have had the same wife, Barbara, for 20 years and I executive produce The Barbara Walters Specials and a daily talkshow called "The View". Again, thanks for the webpage.

BILL GEDDIE, Weston Connecticut

[Note: Bill also is the screenwriter of the Ray Liotta film UNFORGETTABLE and produced the TV series "Iyanla" starring Iyanla Vanzant].

Moira [Devon, England] has sent Lawrence information that her grandmother Grace Geddie of East London, South Africa, would welcome correspondence regarding that branch of the family. Grace is now in her eighties and is not online, but Moira says she'll gladly forward any information or questions for Grace at her email address below:


I am out of touch with family. My father was Denis {Geddie] born in East London. I am originally from Cape Town and knew some of the Croxford family from Pinelands. Has there been an update to the geneology published 1959 ?

CLIFF GEDDIE, South Africa

My Great Grandmother was Ellen Geddie [born 1870], daughter of John Geddie and Isabella Murdoch. Ellen had a brother James [born 1873] who married Elizabeth Kilgour Dingwall and went to South Africa I believe. Is Grace a descendant from them? . . . I have been in contact with Moira re the South Africa [Geddie] link and awaiting information, but I think that her side of the family descends from John Geddie's brother James. Everything would be so much easier if they had used a wider variety of names! [It is intriguing] about Ellen standing at the gates of the big house [Note: Ellen had worked in a wealthy family's home in the Dundee area]! If you remember [Ellen Geddie] gave birth within a week of marriage and her husband Henry [Summers] gave her name on the baby's birth certificate as Helen Guiness! I am hoping that Moira's grandmother Grace in South Africa may be helpful, as Ellen's brother James who went to South Afrrica died in 1954 and someone of Grace's age might have met him and learned [further details on family history]. . . I will update you when I learn any more.

ELAINE SPROSON, Halifax England

September 13, 2001

Miles Hargrove and I are at the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School at Hurlburt Field, about 45 miles west of Pensacola, in the northern Florida Panhandle. We arrived on Monday, Sept. 10, as guest speakers at the Special Ops course on "Dynamics of International Terrorism."

I'm a regular, 2-hour speaker for the section on "Terrorism in Latin America" at about 15 such courses yearly--mostly at Hurlburt, but also at other military posts in the United States. I'll also go to Puerto Rico and Japan during the next few months.
This was our son Miles' first time to join me as speaker, talking about negotiating with terrorists, from a year of first-hand experience.

The Air Force Special Ops organizes and coordinates the Terrorism Course, on behalf of all branches of the U.S. military, plus civilian agencies such as he Department of Defense, FBI, and DEA. A typical 1-week course has about 250 men and women.

Ironically, Miles and I were to speak on Tuesday, Sep. 11...when the hijacked airliners hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Classes were cancelled that morning so students could call their units, etc.

But the military decided it couldn't allow a terrorist act, no matter how horrific, to shut down the terrorism course, which is geared to prevent such acts. Classes resumed the afternoon of Sep. 11, and Miles and I spoke the next day.. . .

TOM HARGROVE, Galveston Texas


My name is Stewart Geddie, son of Edward, one of the last few surviving Scottish Geddies. We hail from Kingston on Spey by Garmouth in Scotland and would be pleased to hear from any of our kinsmen at home or overseas.

STEWART GEDDIE, United Kingdom


[I am] attempting to connect with Geddie's to verify family history; [I am the] son of Vern H. Geddie Sr.and Gertude Smith Geddie of Jones Co. MS. Married Iris Evelyn Steverson in 1952 and have three children. Robert Brent Geddie of Newnan Ga, Wanda Gayle Brickner of Port Washington NY, and Leisa Michelle Neel of Petal, MS. I am a Chemist turned Insurance and Financial Broker and live in Hattiesburg, MS and operate The Vantage Group, Inc. in Laurel, MS. I have a business web page at

ROBERT S. GEDDIE, Hattiesburg Mississippi


Has [anyone] ever come across a William [Franklin] Geddie born in Oct 1892 in Dundee,Scotland, son of John Geddie and Catherine U. Williamson?



My Geddie ancestor is the Daniel Geddie who m. Sarah Ann Oliver in Leon Co., FL. This Daniel is on p. 81 of the Geddie-McPhail book. I have more info on this line and would like to see a new Geddie-McPhail book published. I am also related to the Maxwells in Decatur/Grady Co., GA. I would like to correspond with Kelly Maxwell Porritt, who mentioned these Maxwells in the Geddie Forum. Please email me. . .



I was adopted at the age of 3 months. Born in the Duke Hospital in Durham, NC Oct 8 1941. Original birth certificate reads "Pattie Geddie." I was adopted by MSG and Mrs. Melvin T. Brewer of Fayetteville, NC in Cumberland County. I currently reside in Auburn, AL and am retired from the US Army. If anyone has any information of a possible connection, please e-mail me. . . Thanks.




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