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Near where James Daniel Geddie first landed in America




Born in North Carolina on March 31,1835. His great grandparents, James Daniel Geddie and Isabella McPhail Geddie, who married aboard ship, had settled near the Cape Fear district after sailing from Scotland around 1772. His grandparents were "Big John" Geddie and Anna McKeithan. James Alexander Geddie and Mary Margaret McPhail Geddie, with their children which included James Allen, and Mary Margaret's two brothers, Thomas and Archibald McPhail and families, left North Carolina with Texas as their destination on March 22, 1850. In covered wagons and oxcarts, they traveled through Georgia, headed west to Alabama to visit relatives who had relocated there, and stopped a year in Mississippi to make a crop. They arrived in Cherokee County, Texas, and after a short time finally settled in Van Zandt County buying land near Owlet Green. James Alexander and Mary lived out their lives there and are buried in the old Geddie-McPhail cemetery on their homestead. Many Geddies still live in the area. James Allen farmed their Owlet Green land and hunted the countryside with his father and brothers and courted the Van Zandt County girls, one of whom was Rebecca (Becky) Jane White. Becky's parents were James Norton White and Mary Ann Young. James Allen married Becky on November 19, 1857. Their first child, Mary Ellen, was born September 3, 1858. John Alexander followed in 1862. The other children were Rachel Ann, Barcelona Isabella, and James Norton. A son, Dougald, died in infancy. James Allen Geddie and his brothers, John Alexander and Thomas Archibald, fought in the Civil War. In his later years, Grandpa Geddie (James Allen) sat for hours with his grandchildren around him, telling them fascinating tales of his escapades during his Civil War days. One particular story concerned the capture of the Yankee's payroll. Grandpa told the grandchildren the roll of money was beg enough "to choke a mule". He said the payroll was burned to keep it out of Yankee hands. One of his granddaughters interrupted him asking, "Grandpa, if you'd kept that money, would we be rich?" He replied, "Honey, we didn't expect that money to be any good after the war." Another handed down story was the battle of Ft. Moultrie, South Carolina. While his Confederate soldiers were falling all around him and it was apparent the battle was lost, Grandpa Geddie mounted a mule and rode through Yankee lines. Another soldier rode behind him on the same mule. That soldier was shot off the mule. According to the story, Grandpa may have been the only Confederate soldier in that battle that was not killed or captured. Grandpa made his way to another Confederate unit and served out the rest of the war in a noncombat role. These stories sifted down to the great grandchildren, one of whom is this writer's father, James Geddie Davidson, of Scurry County, Texas. He was named for his ancestor James Allen Geddie. James Allen Geddie died on April 30, 1906 and is buried at Colfax cemetery in Van Zandt County, Texas. Becky died May 29, 1924 and is buried beside her husband.

(Photo and Biography Courtesy of Pat Davidson James)



Headstone of James Allen and Rebecca White Geddie

Colfax Memorial Cemetery




Final Resting Place of Many Texan Geddie's






Compiled by: Paulette Chaney Flym, April 1999


Allen, James Aubrey 14 Jan 1876-16 Aug 1933 (son of D.S. & Asaleen Tarissa Geddie Allen)

Allen, Mary B. (Kinsey) 5 Feb 1887-16 Dec 1968 (married James Aubrey Allen 28 Dec 1909)

Anderson, W.J. "Jimmy" 30 Aug 1904-12 Aug 1978 (married Gladys Azeline White 6 Nov 1936)

Anderson, Gladys Azeline (White) 21 May 1905-19 Feb 1992 (daughter of Al B White & Leta Allen)

Beggs, James H. 1867-1929 (married Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" Allen 8 Dec. 1888)

Beggs, Elizabeth A. 31 Aug 1867-1915 (daughter of D.S. "Clint" Allen & Asaleen Tarissa Geddie)

Beggs, Gertrude 1889-1916 (daughter of James H. & Elizabeth A. Allen Beggs)

Beggs, Talmage 23 Dec 1897-26 Aug 1905 (son of James H. & Elizabeth Ann Allen Beggs)

Beggs, Cordie 12 Dec 1892-21 Oct 1893 (daughter of James H. & Elizabeth Ann Allen Beggs)

Beggs, M.M. (Stewart) 9 Sep 1866-30 Mar 1885 (wife of Robert William Charles Ball Beggs)

Calder, Howard R. 1894-1978 (husband of Ara E. Odom, daughter of Benjamin & Annie McPhail Odom)

Calder, Ada E. 1895-1957 (daughter of Benjamin & Annie McPhail Odom, wife of Howard)

Calder, Nanny Olivi (McPhail) 20 Sep 1898-8 Jan 1945 (daughter of Thomas Lemuel & Nannie G. Matthews McPhail married Claude Calder 24 Dec 1919)

Cates, Johnnie Ruth (White) 12 Apr 1917-12 May 1970 (daughter of Al B. & Leta Allen White, married Herschel Cates)

Clower, Earl C. 28 Oct 1901-Nov 1969 (married Ruby Clovis White 22 Dec 1918)

Clower, Ruby Clovis (White) 25 Mar 1902-Aug 1987 (daughter of Al B. White & Leta Allen)

Geddie, Henry Clay 30 Nov 1869-12 Oct 1955 (son of James A. Geddie & Elizabeth "Betsy" Beggs Geddie)

Geddie, Laura Maude (Hart) 8 Dec 1885-26 Jun 1963 (married Henry Clay Geddie 15 Jan 1915)

Geddie, James A. 31 Mar. 1835-30 Apr. 1906 Geddie, Rebecca J. 4 Nov 1837-29 May 1924 (wife of James A.)

Geddie, Tommie Dougald 9 Sep 1890-18 Feb 1893 (son of Thomas Archibald & Margaret Frances Wisdom Geddie)

Geddie, Pearl Ann (Hale) 4 Oct 1893-18 July 1945 (married Tommie D. Geddie 26 Nov 1911)

Geddie, Floyd Ray 7 Oct 1923-22 Feb 1996 (son of Tommie Dougald & Pearl Ann Hale Geddie)

Geddie, Bernice Stroud 26 June 1926-11 Dec 1991 (married to Ray Geddie, son of Tommie Dougald & Pearl Hale Geddie)

Geddie, Thomas Archibald "Archer" 3 Feb 1846-21 Sep 1917 (son of James Alexander & Mary M. McPhail Geddie)

Geddie, Margaret Frances (Wisdom) 22 Jun 1852-29 Jan 1937 (married Thomas Archer Geddie 9 Oct 1873)

Geddie, Daniel Arthur 10 Oct 1884-24 Feb 1958 (son of John A. Geddie & Mary Jane "Mollie" Wisdom)

Geddie, Beulah Bethany (Oliver) 14 Jul 1877-25 Oct 1971 (married Daniel Arthur Geddie 21 Oct 1906)

Geddie, Thomas Hector "Tommy", Dr. 11 Nov 1871-20 Nov 1952 (son of John Alexander & "Mollie" Wisdom Geddie)

Geddie, Susan Margaret "Maggie" 1873-1959 (married Thomas Hector Geddie 4 Nov 1893)

Geddie, John Alexander 28 Jul 1840-30 Jun 1916 (son of James Alexander & Mary Margaret McPhail Geddie)

Geddie, Mary Jane "Mollie" (Wisdom) 15 Nov 1847-6 Jan 1918 (married John Alexander Geddie 1 Sep 1869)

Gentry, Ben W. 4 Oct 1852-5 May 1943 (m. Virginia C. McPhail 12 Dec. 1876)

Gentry, Virginia Caroline "Ginny" 16 Sep 1856-15 Apr 1925 (daughter of Archibald McPhail & Mary M. Rosenbaum McPhail)

Geddie, Willie Clovis 11 Dec 1916-9 Aug 1949 (daughter of William Franklin Geddie & Mentie Sanders)

Geddie, Elton 1 May 1919-15 Feb 1920 (son of William Franklin "Frank" Geddie & Mentie Sanders)

Geddie, Samuel Allen 19 Sep 1900-6 Aug 1953 (son of William Hiram & Lula Moseley Geddie m. Willie May Phillips)

Geddie, Samuel Carl 4 Aug 1896-6 Oct 1957 (son of John Wesley & Addie Elector Pollard Geddie)

Geddie, John Wesley 15 Jun 1864-1941 (son of James Alexander & Elizabeth Beggs Geddie)

Geddie, Addie Elector (Pollard) 1871-1951 (married John Wesley Geddie 1 Apr 1888)

Geddie, William Robert 15 Jun 1884-11 Jul 1972 (son of Thomas Archibald & Margaret Frances Wisdom Geddie)

Geddie, Rosa Ann (Mayne) 13 Apr 1889-23 Feb 1973 (wife of William Robert)

Geddie, John Paul 1979-1979 (son of Richard & Dianne Stanberry Geddie)

Geddie, Benny Ray 16 Aug 1939-3 Apr 1960 (son of Douglas Shaddie Geddie & Pearl Mae Hendley)

Geddie, Douglas Shaddie 26 Feb 1899-6 May 1970 (son of Thomas Hector & Susan M. Keahey Geddie)

Geddie, Pearl Mae (Hendley) 23 May 1904-6 May 1970 (married Douglas Shaddie Geddie 28 Sep 1917)

Hall, Walter L. 20 Sep 1874-? (married Vinette McPhail in 1896)

Hall, Vinnette 12 Nov 1876-18 Jul 1931 (daughter of Thomas Robert McPhail & Margaret Cade)

Hallman, Joshua 17 Jul 1830-21 Apr 1900 (married Catherine Geddie in Van Zandt County, Texas 13 Sep 1855)

Hallman, Katie 9 May 1833-19 Nov 1902 (wife of Joshua)

Hendley, Erma May (Allen) 13 Nov 1881-27 Feb 1909 (daughter of D.S. Allen & Asaleen Tarissa Geddie)

Hendley, Annie May 13 Feb 1909-14 Jul 1909 (daughter of Sam D. Hendley & Erma May Allen)

Hobbs, Jessie Lorena (Large) 25 Feb 1907-29 Apr 1998 (d. of David Falcon Large & Mary Ella McPhail, wife of John J.)

Huddle, Retha 8 Jun 1889-4 Jan 1916 (daughter of Will F. Huddle & Hetty Ann Geddie)

Huddle, Will F. 13 Jul 1870-13 Nov 1929 (married Hetty Ann Geddie 2 Oct 1894)

Huddle, Hettia Ann "Hetty" 15 Aug 1870-20 Jun 1934 (daughter of John Alexander Geddie & "Mollie" Wisdom)

Huddle, Archelas T. "Arch" 6 Jul 1897-16 May 1964 (son of Will F. & Hetty Ann Geddie Huddle)

Huddle, Cora Irene 17 Jan 1896-7 Apr 1959 (wife of "Arch")

Johnson, Dowell 26 Mar 1922-25 Jul 1941 (son of Dempsey D. Johnson & Elizabeth Geddie)

Kirkpatrick, Robert A. 23 Oct 1884-22 Jun 1892 (son of Amzy Wallace Kirkpatrick & Margaret I. McPhail)

Kirkpatrick, W.P. 13 Jan 1895-14 April 1895 (son of Amzy Wallace Kirkpatrick & Margaret Isabella McPhail)

Large, Isaac Thomas 15 Mar 1904-4 Jul 1998 (son of David Falcon Large & Mary Ella McPhail)

Large, Samuel Oscar 11 Sep 1898-6 Feb 1971 (son of David Falcon Large & Mary Ella McPhail)

Large, Sudie (Norris) 23 Dec 1907 (married Samuel Oscar Large 2 Dec 1923)

Lovejoy, Joseph J. 1892-1970 (married Illa Odom, d. of Ben & Annie Elizabeth McPhail Odom)

McNeill, Robert Lee 10 Jan 1887-25 Nov 1943 (married Lula Aquila McPhail 14 May 1896)

McNeill, Lula A. 1876-1954 (daughter of Daniel McNeill McPhail & Isabella Geddie)

McNeill, Odie Archie 16 Feb 2899-16 May 1963 (son of Robert Lee & Lula Aquila McPhail McNeill)

McNeill, Lola (Keahey) 1 Feb 1899-? (wife of Odie Archie, m. 13 Nov. 1899)

McNeill, Euna Isabelle 14 Apr 1912-7 Sep 1912 (daughter of Lloyd Hector & Allie Zola McPhail McNeill)

McNeill, Lloyd Hector 30 Apr 1886-7 May 1961 (married Allie Zola McPhail daughter of John Archibald & Lizzie Matthews McPhail)

McPhail, Daniel M.N. 9 Jan 1826-4 Jun 1908 (married Isabella Geddie)

McPhail, Isabella 31 Jan 1832-1 Sep 1916 (wife of Daniel M.N., daughter of James Alexander & Mary Margaret McPhail Geddie)

McPhail, Evander N. 2 Aug 1853-21 Dec 1891 (son of Daniel M.N.)

McPhail, Dwight L. 27 Dec 1894-18 Oct 1895 (son of Thomas Lemuel "Lem")

McPhail, Lois A. 9 Sep 1893-7 Aug 1894 (daughter of Thomas Lemuel "Lem")

McPhail, Thomas L. 25 Nov 1867-26 Jan 1938 (son of Daniel McNeill & Isabella Geddie McPhail)

McPhail, Nannie Georgia (Matthews) 26 Jan 1873-18 Apr 1950 (wife of Thomas L., married 25 Aug. 1892)

McPhail, Rev. Sam M. 12 Feb 1873-4 Sep 1936 (son of Daniel McNeill & Isabella Geddie McPhail)

McPhail, James Darben "Dobbin" 1 Jul 1858-11 Apr 1928 (son of Archibald & Mary Magdalene Rosenbaum McPhail)

McPhail, Sallie (Hendley) 3 Oct 1858-1944 (wife of "Dobbin")

McPhail, Thomas Robert 14 Apr 1821-26 Aug. 1897 (son of Thomas McPhail & Margaret McNeill)

McPhail, Hector N. 14 Jun 1835-27 Mar 1902 (son of Thomas McPhail & Margaret McNeill)

McPhail, Isabelle 12 Jan 1819-5 Apr 1899 (daughter of Thomas McPhail & Margaret McNeill)

McPhail, Leahe 26 Jul 1893-3 Sep 1893 (Child of John Archibald McPhail & Jewel Mississippi Pollard)

McPhail, Nolen Showalter 18 Aug 1895-31 Jul 1896 (son of John Archibald McPhail & Jewel M. Pollard)

McPhail, John Glover 4 Nov 1912-15 Jul 1913 (son of John Archibald McPhail & Jewel M.Pollard)

McPhail, Homer Flavus 14 Oct 1888-29 May 1941 (son of James Darben McPhail & Sarah Hendley)

McPhail, Fannie May (Terry) 21 May 1893-17 Oct 1969 (married Homer Flavus McPhail )

McPhail, Mary Grace (Rusk) 21 Feb 1893-25 Jan 1915 (m. Ben Archibald McPhail 25 Jan 1914)

McPhail, William Brady 30 Jan 1917-26 Aug 1969 (son of Levi Dobbin McPhail & Daisy Terry)

McPhail, Levi Dobbin 8 Oct 1883-1976 (son of "Dobbin" & Sarah Hendley McPhail)

McPhail, Daisy (Terry) 21 Sep 1883-7 Aug 1962 (wife of Levi Dobbin McPhail)

McPhail, John Archibald 13 Jan 1865-29 Apr 1947 (son of Daniel McNeill McPhail & Isabella Geddie)

McPhail, Sarah Elizabeth (Matthews) 14 Mar 1864-20 Oct 1890 (married John Archibald McPhail 15 Nov 1888)

McPhail, Lemuel Austin 28 Aug 1896-Dec 1879 (son of Thomas Lemuel & Nannie Matthews McPhail married Minnie Pearl Johnson 20 Aug 1916)

McPhail, Samuel Kelly 5 Oct 1900-16 Jun 1964 (son of Thomas Lemuel & Nanny Matthews McPhail)

McPhail, Cleo V. (Ballard) 2 Jan 1901-no date (married Samuel Kelly McPhail 17 Dec 1919)

McPhail, Thomas Craydon 29 Sep 1904-19 Dec 1964 (son of Levi Dobbin McPhail & Daisy Terry)

McPhail, Ruth Ellena (Fortune) 11 Dec 1907-17 Dec 1995 (married Thomas Craydon 10 Aug 1924)

Newbill, Wiley Cleaole 4 Feb 1901-Oct 1902 (son of Gene Newbill & Ida Lucinda Geddie)

Odom, Benjamin J. 1868-1938 (husband of Annie Elizabeth McPhail. daughter of Thomas Robert McPhail)

Odom, William Jessie 2 Jul 1912-April 1969 (son of Benjamin & Annie)

Patterson, T. Cordie 1877-1905 (married Rosie Leland Geddie 16 Jul 1899)

Patterson, Rosa Leland 1875-? (daughter of Thomas Archibald Geddie & Margaret Frances Wisdom)

Peel, E.R. "Ross" 2 Nov 1871-1912 (Married Ida Geddie 23 Oct 1896)

Peel, Ida 14 Oct 1880-1936 (daughter of Allen Thomas Geddie & Charlotte Ann Allen)

Peel, Bobby 24 Oct 1933-24 Nov 1951 (son of Louis M. Peel & Ella Mae Perry, grandson of E.R. & Ida Geddie Peel)

Peters, Wedsell 5 Oct 1912-May 1975 (married Lillie Geddie, d. of Tommie D. & Pearl Ann Hale Geddie)

Peters, Lillie 13 Aug 1913-4 Oct 1967 (daughter of Tommie Dougald Geddie & Pearl Ann Hale Geddie)

Peters, Dale 1935-1935 (son of Wedsell & Lillie Geddie Peters)

Smith, Clinton Dewett 17 Apr 1873-10 Aug 1916 (married Jeffie Idora Geddie 16 Jan 1898)

Smith, Jeffie Idora 1 Jul 1878-Jun 1938 (daughter of Thomas Archibald & Margaret Frances Wisdom Geddie)

Smith, Mary Belle 9 Jun 1904-19 Jul 1917 (daughter of C.D. & Jeffie Idora Geddie Smith)

Smith, Ozell (Beck) 19 Aug 1912-6 Jul 1998 (wife of Floyd Bridges Smith, son of C. D. & Jeffie Idora)

Smith, James Floyd 25 Sep 1936-6 Jun 1997 (son of Floyd Bridges & Ozell Beck Smith, grandson of Jeffie Idora Geddie Smith)

Thorn, Charles S. 3 Aug 1879-3 Nov 1951 (m. Mary Epsie Gentry dau. of Ben Gentry & Virginia C. McPhail)

Towns, John G. 1863-1938 (husband of Barcelonia Geddie)

Towns, Barcelonia I. 1869-Jan 1952 (wife of John G, daughter of James Allen Geddie & Rebecca Jane White)

White, Al Benjamin 15 Mar 1868-20 Sep 1961 (m. Leta Allen 25 Dec 1898)

White, Leta (Allen) 24 Feb 1879-12 Feb 1967 (daughter of D.S. & Asaleen Tarissa Geddie Allen)

* * * * *



Born 03 September 1858 in Van Zandt County, Texas and died 25 April 1913 in Scurry, Texas. She was the daughter of James Allen Geddie and Rebecca Jane White. She married William Maxfield Davidson 08 January 1878 in Van Zandt County, Texas.



Family of Nora Frances "Fannie" Geddie

"Fannie" Geddie was born 27 September 1891; died 16 November 1929. She was the daughter of William Hiram Geddie and Lula Moseley. She married Elijah Ardis "Artie" Allen 02 October 1904 in Van Zandt County, Texas. L-R: Artie's father, Ned Allen, Eulia Micia Allen, Elijah "Artie" Artis Allen, Fannie holding Ethan Allen Front: twins, Era & Vera Allen.



Oscar and Roxie Camper Geddie

Oscar Kenneth Geddie was born 10 August 1888 in Van (Van Zandt County) Texas; died 24 July 1956 in Galveston, Texas. He was the son of William Hiram Geddie and Lula Moseley. He married Roxie Ann Camper 12 January 1910 in Van Zandt County, Texas. She was the daughter of James Summers Camper and Mary Thomas "Molly" Swindall.




Family of Jimmy Miles Geddie

Jimmy and Lizzie Oliver Geddie (front) & daughter Mary and son Thomas (back) Jimmy Miles Geddie was born 16 March 1903 in Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt County, Texas and died 08 July 1976 in Colorado City, Mitchell County, Texas. He was the son of William Hiram Geddie and Lula Moseley. He married Lizzie Lee Oliver 28 December 1922 in Van Zandt County, Texas. They were the parents of Mary Lillian Geddie and Thomas Leroy Geddie.

(Photos and Biographies Courtesy of Paulette Chaney Flym)




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